We let the dogs out (and feed the cats too)!

The Paws Team is committed to keeping your pets safe while giving you peace of mind. 

Emily Cohn - Owner

Emster's Paws came about 8 years ago completely by accident. I was caring for a neighbor's cat as a favor, in turn that neighbor told a friend about me, and the next thing I knew, Emster's Paws was in business!


I grew up in El Paso, Texas. We had 2 acres and about every animal you could think of at one point or another. We had dogs, cats, horses,cows,sheep,chickens,ducks,turtles, fish and lizards. I even fondly remember the pet monkey that my parent's friends had. I grew up loving and respecting all types of animals.


Although I have not had any formal training, I have had years of experience around many animals. I also spent most of my free time in FFA ( Future Farmers of America) while in high school. I have learned a few cool tips and training tricks along the way. I am comfortable administering most medications.


Three years ago, I left my full time job at Larchmont Temple where I worked for 7 years as an administrator for the Religious School, The Assoc. Rabbi and the Cantor. I love spending all my time taking care of your animals, and will happily tell anyone who asks that I have the best job in the whole world.  The dog park is my "office!"


I live in New Rochelle with my 2 daughters, Anita age 16 & Sarah age 13. My daughters both love animals as much as I do and frequently accompany me on my walks. We currently have 6 "forever" rescue cats at home, Maisy, April, Oreo, Fudgy, Nando and Dali'.  We also have 3 frogs, Billie Bob, Fergilicious, & Tinkerbell Jr.


I have worked very hard to build up my business. My colleagues have all been hand picked and personally trained, and I am proud to say that our Emster's Paws team is absolutely the best of the best!  My main priority is the happiness and safety of your animals. I look forward to working with you and your fur babies soon.



Greg Brown - Jan 2016

Greg was born in Manhattan and grew up in Larchmont, where many of his earliest childhood memories were always surrounded with his dog Skyler, who has lived with him since he was 5 years old. Greg has always had pets his whole life including fish, guinea pigs, parrots and even a horse. Dogs have always been far and away his favorite.


Greg attended Mamaroneck High School and went on to Roger Williams University for a little over a year and recently decided to take a break from school. In his free time, Greg enjoys playing sports. He is also an avid guitar player for the past 13 years. Greg is very excited to be a part of the Emster's Paws team and looks forward to meeting everyone soon, humans and canines.

Carolyn Cohen - Jan 2015

We are excited to welcome Carolyn Cohen to our quickly growing Emster's Paw's team.  Growing up, Carolyn's house was always filled with animals.  She had dogs, fish, hermit crabs, guinea pigs and cats. One of her first jobs in High School was at a Veterinarian office. At one point, Carolyn even considered becoming a veterinarian. Carolyn also grew up with a love for sports, which ultimately placed her on the soccer team at Hofstra University while she was in college. Carolyn's active lifestyle then led her to pursue a career in Physical Education.


Carolyn spent six years as an Elementary Physical Education teacher as well as coached High School Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse coach at a Public School on Long Island. She has spent the last ten years at home caring for her three boys, aged 10,7, and 4.Over the last four years, Carolyn has also worked part-time work as a personal trainer, a Summer Camp Director as well as a Nursery school fitness teacher. Her love and dedication to all animals is what brings Carolyn to our Paws team, and she is so excited to get to spend time with your precious pets. 

 Carolyn lives in New Rochelle with her husband and three boys ages 10, 7 & 4.  Her family currently shares their home with their rescue dog Rosie, a black lab/pitty mix, that they adopted from Louisiana.  Carolyn's weekends are usually filled with sports, family bike rides and hikes with Rosie.


Hayley Freeman - Sep 2015

To say that Hayley Freeman lives in a “pet-centric” household would be 

an understatement! Currently, two dogs, a cat, one corn snake and two 

leopard geckos are the animal kingdom family members at her home in 

New Rochelle... At one time, that menagerie also included two rescued 

red-eared slider turtles, a chinchilla and yet more corn snakes...oh, and 

let’s not forget the fish! 


When Hayley is not helping to care for dogs and cats for Emster’s Paws, 

she can be found busy at her jeweler’s bench creating handmade pieces or combing through New York’s diamond district for gems. 


Hayley is delighted to be part of the Emster’s Paws team and nothing puts a bigger smile on her face than spending quality time with animals of all shapes and sizes.


Ellen Berk - September 2017

Ellen is a pharmacist, addiction counselor, dog walker, animal enthusiast and crocheter.  She lives in Scarsdale with her husband and her 11 year old English Setter and her newly rescued kitten Poppy. Ellen has a daughter in college and another one in medical school.  Ellen looks forward to taking great care of your dogs! 


Liz Infield - Feb 2016

Ironically, Liz Infield was not allowed to have a dog as a child. This, however, did not dissuade her or her love for animals, so she acquired and cared for as many pets as she was allowed. From frogs to newts, hamsters to rabbits, she loved and tended to them all. She was a natural caretaker and as a preteen gained her first work experience as a "mother's helper" assisting neighborhood moms by running errands and helping with the children. She especially loved assisting families with pets and would volunteer to walk, feed, and of course, play with them whenever she was given the chance. This inevitably led to her current career as a babysitter/nanny to families throughout Westchester County. 



As fate would have it, Liz currently lives in a co-op where unfortunately dogs are not allowed. So her journey continues to own her own dog (she's saving up to buy a house!). Until then, she's more than willing to shower your dog with that affection and is excited for the opportunity to join the team of loving professionals at Emsterspaws. 


Emily Ryan - Aug 2016

Emily is very excited to be joining the Emster's Paws team.  She recently graduated from Connecticut College, where she majored in Dance and American Studies.


Her Cockapoo Maggie has been a member of the family for 12 years now, and she has always greatly enjoyed dog-walking and pet-sitting for neighbors and friends.


Emily is currently also working as a production apprentice at Gibney Dance Center in Manhattan, where she spends much of her free time dancing and making her own work.


Andrew Ryan - Sept 2019

Andrew Ryan hails from Larchmont, and recently graduated from Syracuse University. He’s been an avid dog lover since his family took home their four-legged friend Maggie when he was seven years old. He has always loved walking and pet-sitting for friends and neighbors since he was a kid! He just returned to Westchester, and is very excited to be a part of the team!


Sarice Scher - Dec 2015


Sarice is a full time student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst earning an Associate’s Degree in Equine Management and working towards a Bachelor’s in Sustainable Farming with a minor in Animal Behavior.  


Animals have always been a huge part of Sarice’s life, even though her parents were less than thrilled about having multiple animals in the house. As of now Sarice owns three full fishtanks, a black Labradoodle named AJ, a hamster, a leopard gecko, four very loud guinea pigs, and a rescued longhaired black cat to round them all out!  While on break she can often be found at the dog park in New Rochelle.


Sarice has always been passionate about dogs whether it be the behavior, care, or training.  As soon as she got her first dog, she wasted no time in training AJ the basics of dog obedience and to this day, AJ is still the most well behaved dog on Overlook Road.  As of right now Sarice is currently training AJ dog to become a canine good citizen.


In Sarice’s spare time she volunteers at humane societies, farm rescues (specifically with horses), and loves to take her pooch to the dog park as often as possible.  She looks forward to working with your pets while she is home from school.


Sandy Sepkowski - Mar 2016


Sandra Sepkowski grew up in Mamaroneck, NY with 5 cats and a golden retriever. She graduated from college with a degree in English Literature and Sports Studies. While she personal trains now as her career path, she loves spending as much time with animals as possible. 

Casey, the dog Sandy grew up with, passed away in July of 2015. She has not adopted another dog since then, however she has recently adopted a kitten named Maverick. Sandy has joined the Paws team so she can help others with their pets. She hopes to adopt another dog herself soon!

Sandy Sepkowski - Mar 2016


Sandra Sepkowski grew up in Mamaroneck, NY with 5 cats and a golden retriever. She graduated from college with a degree in English Literature and Sports Studies. While she personal trains now as her career path, she loves spending as much time with animals as possible. 

Casey, the dog Sandy grew up with, passed away in July of 2015. She has not adopted another dog since then, however she has recently adopted a kitten named Maverick. Sandy has joined the Paws team so she can help others with their pets. She hopes to adopt another dog herself soon!


Leslie Smith - Jun 2018


Leslie is a entrepreneur in digital media, and is 2 years into to a tech start up. She lives in New Rochelle on a boat near Glen Island with her 2 Maltese dogs, Jazz and Cooper, and her husband, Kevin. Leslie’s daughter Ashley is a graphic designer in NYC, and her son, C.J., is an EMT in Colorado studying to be a pilot.  


Lisa Walsh - Feb 2015 


Emster's Paws is excited to welcome our newest team member , Lisa Walsh. Lisa has a BS in Management & Marketing. Lisa worked as a retail manager for 8 years before having children. Lisa has grown up with dogs in her home since she was a child. As soon as her children were old enough, the family adopted a hound dog mix Sookie. When her children went to elementary school "full time” Lisa began volunteering for the Westchester Humane Society and SPCA. Lisa also often fosters dogs from the New York Animal Care & Control. Lisa quickly realized her true happiness was found in the company of dogs.  Her passion and dedication to animals motivated Lisa to become a part of our Paws Team. 

Lisa lives in Mamaroneck with her husband, her two son’s ages 6 & 7 and their hound dog. 

Lisa enjoys being outside and enjoying nature as much as possible. In her spare time Lisa enjoys photography & volunteers for the Rye Neck School district.

Adam Weissman - Oct 2013

 Adam joined our Emster's Paws Team full time when his Mom Cynthia told him how much she enjoyed being a part of our dynamic team and working with the animals! 


Adam loves the company of dogs! As a kid his grandparents had four dogs.  It wasn't until after college that he had his own dog, a wonderful miniature dachshund named Treiko. 


He often babysits his brother's dog Waffles, his best friend's dog Yuna, as well as his dad's dog Tati.


A graduate of SUNY Purchase's Dramatic Writing program, Adam continues to work on creative projects--screenplays, novels, independent films and freelance Internet marketing and website design.

Cynthia Weissman - Jul 2013

Cynthia loves being a part of the Emster's Paws team.  Cynthia has worked  at Larchmont Temple for the past 20 years (and still does!)  as Rabbi Sirkman's personal secretary.


She loves spending time with her 2 adorable "granddogs" Treiko, a mini dachshund and Waffles, a lab mix.  


Cynthia lives in Scarsdale and has two grown sons, Sam & Adam, both are proud dog parents. Her son Sam was also a cat parent while deployed in Afghanistan.


Cynthia enjoys exercise and the outdoors, and she is really looking forward to meeting and getting to know your "fur babies!"

Yael Brown - Jun 2018

Yael has always loved dogs - she was often around her grandparents' 5+ dogs when growing up. All her friends have dogs and she cannot wait to get her own once she graduates college! She has grown up in New Rochelle and is currently studying communications and business at the University of Michigan. She just returned from a semester abroad in Prague and is very excited to be a part of the team.

Paige Dubicki - May 2016

Paige has always been a dog lover, and she has had dogs her whole life. She grew up in New Rochelle, and now attends West Virginia University, studying criminology and law and legal studies. Paige recently  adopted a cat and she is great addition to her family! Paige loves animals and she is very excited to be a part of the Paws team! 

Rob Kmetz - May 2016

Rob was born and raised in Mamaroneck, always close to animals. Since he was a young child he loved all animals, and owned many pets, including three cats, many fish, and a dog, DJ, who has been a part of

his life since he was nine years old.

Rob graduated from Mamaroneck High School in June 2015 and went on to Quinnipiac University,where he just completed his freshman year. In his spare time, Rob enjoys spending time with his dog, aswell as with his friends and family.

Laura Irwin - June 2016

Laura has had a special connection with animals her entire life.  Over the past 6 years she has spent most of her free time volunteering for local rescues and shelters.  During that time, Laura came to realize that too many dogs were rehomed due to common, easily solved behavioral problems.  A light bulb went off and she know that becoming a dog trainer was her calling in life.  Laura went to school and earned a certificate in Dog training.  For the past 3 years, Laura has worked one on one to save as many families pets as possible. Laura enjoys working closely with the families and their pets in order to restore happiness and  peace at their homes by using positive based training techniques. 


Laura currently lives in New Rochelle with her daughter, fiance, a dog and 4 cats. Laura is so exited to become a part of the Emster's Paws team and looks forward to working with your pets soon. 


Laura will be available full time for one on one training walks. She will also work directly with the clients as well. 

Fred Alves - January 2017

Fred was not allowed to have any pets at home growing up as a child, aside from spending time with his grandmother’s tabby cats, so it does not come as any surprise that he would have to feed off of the natural human-animal bond he always felt so strongly about in alternative ways. One way or another throughout Fred's life, he would always end up looking after a family member’s pet, having sleepovers at friends homes with pets, or even singing new songs with his grandmothers talented green parrot.  Fred has enjoyed caring for other people's pets for five years now as a career, and he finds that receiving the unconditional love these angels provide no matter the weather to be super gratifying. Fred has always had an undeniable special admiration and respect for  his favorite breed, the pitbull, and looks forward to the day when he can adopt one of his own. Fred has currently put school aside to save money to purchase his own home, and looks forward to the near future when he will achieve his Bachelors degree in International Business at CUNY Baruch. In his spare time, Fred cherishes contact with nature and the serenity it brings him, hiking is always on the top of his list, as well as exploring and discovering new places, reading, some TV "catching up time" cooking new recipes and trying new restaurants. Fred looks forward to meeting and spending time with your pets soon. 

Marisa Honma - February 2017

After ten years working in intellectual property law, Marisa and her husband started a small martial arts school in Manhattan. Being a small business owner granted her the flexible schedule needed for also being a full time parent. Being a martial artist granted her the patience. Now that the family business is celebrating its 10th anniversary and her two children are in elementary school,Marisa has more time to dote upon the family dog, Cookie. She is excited to join the Emster's Paws team so that she can dote upon your dog, too!

Anne Cox - April 2017

Anne Cox has always had a dog or dogs in her life. Growing up in Canada as a child her first dog, Sammy, was well known in the neighborhood for taking herself for walks. Over the course of her childhood there were several other very cute puppies added to the mix and occasionally a fish and once a rescued turtle.


Anne moved to NYC in 2001 with her husband and cat Beaner for a little adventure and to work. Anne was an elementary teacher in Harlem until she had her first son, who is now 13. The family moved to Brooklyn where they expanded with another son, now 11. Deciding to stay in the states they moved to Mamaroneck in 2007.  Within a year they rescued Layla, a Maltese who is 9 and runs the show. However, she is not to be outdone by her “brother” Boyd, a Shitsu-poodle mix who is always

getting into trouble.

Anne is looking forward to meeting you and your pets!

Emily Fraser - January 2016

Emily was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Larchmont. Growing up her family always had cats, as well as a variety of small pets such as fish, turtles, and gerbils. Emily got her first dog Marley when she was 13 and he has been her faithful companion ever since.


Emily attended Mamaroneck High School, and recently completely her associates degree in liberal arts and social sciences at Westchester Community College. She now lives in New Rochelle with Marley, and the newest addition Sindey the cat. She and Marley enjoy frequent long walks and runs in the woods together.


Emily is interested in pursuing a career as a veterinary technician and she plans to enroll in online classes. She is very excited to be a part of the Emster’s Paws team and is looking forward to meeting your pets soon! 

Bill Dolan - January 2018

Bill was born & raised in Larchmont where he currently still lives. Bill has been a dog and cat lover since day one. Bill has his own cat Mr. Mickey & enjoys feeding the neighborhood strays daily. Bill attended Mamaroneck High School. Over the years Bill has worked in a mailroom, darkroom, music store & most recently as a driver for the Flower Bar. Bill love animals, enjoys many sports and loves music.


Bill enjoys playing the drums on a daily basis and is currently learning piano/keyboard. Bill looks forward to meeting your fur babies and is excited to be joining the Paws Team! 

Laura Maccrone - November 2018

Laura currently lives in Larchmont with her husband, son, daughter and her two dogs, Cody & Nova. 


Laura has been lucky enough to be a stay at home mom for the last 17 years.  Now that her two children are in high school she has more flexibility to work part time.  When she received the offer to join the Paws team it seemed like the perfect fit all around.  Laura loves animals and has always had a soft spot for dogs.  


Laura looks forward to meeting your pups soon and taking excellent care of them.  




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