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Emily Cohn - Owner

Emster's Paws came about 10 years ago completely by accident. I was caring for a neighbor's cat as a favor, in turn that neighbor told a friend about me, and the next thing I knew, Emster's Paws was in business!
I grew up in El Paso, Texas. We had 2 acres and about every animal you could think of at one point or another. We had dogs, cats, horses,cows,sheep,chickens,ducks,turtles, fish and lizards. I even fondly remember the pet monkey that my parent's friends had. I grew up loving and respecting all types of animals.
Although I have not had any formal training, I have had years of experience around many animals. I also spent most of my free time in FFA ( Future Farmers of America) while in high school. I have learned a few cool tips and training tricks along the way. I am comfortable administering most medications.
I recently decided to leave my full time job at Larchmont Temple where I have worked for the past 7 years as an administrator for the Religious School, The Assoc. Rabbi and the Cantor. I love spending all my time taking care of your animals, and will happily tell anyone who asks that I have the best job in the whole world.  The dog park is my "office!"
I live in New Rochelle with my 2 daughters, Anita age 14 & Sarah age 11. My daughters both love animals as much as I do and frequently accompany me on my walks. We currently have 6 "forever" rescue cats at home, Maisy, April, Oreo, Fudgy, Nando and Dali'.  We also have 3 frogs, Billie Bob, Fergilicious, & Tinkerbell Jr.
I have worked very hard to build up my business. My colleagues have all been hand picked and personally trained, and I am proud to say that our Emster's Paws team is absolutely the best of the best!  My main priority is the happiness and safety of your animals. I look forward to working with you and your fur babies soon.

Greg Brown

Greg was born in Manhattan and grew up in Larchmont, where many of his earliest childhood memories were always surrounded with his dog Skyler, who has lived with him since he was 5 years old. Greg has always had pets his whole life including fish, guinea pigs, parrots and even a horse. Dogs have always been far and away his favorite.
Greg attended Mamaroneck High School and went on to Roger Williams University for a little over a year and recently decided to take a break from school. In his free time, Greg enjoys playing sports. He is also an avid guitar player for the past 13 years. Greg is very excited to be a part of the Emster's Paws team and looks forward to meeting everyone soon, humans and canines.

Carolyn Cohen

We are excited to welcome Carolyn Cohen to our quickly growing Emster's Paw's team.  Growing up, Carolyn's house was always filled with animals.  She had dogs, fish, hermit crabs, guinea pigs and cats. One of her first jobs in High School was at a Veterinarian office. At one point, Carolyn even considered becoming a veterinarian. Carolyn also grew up with a love for sports, which ultimately placed her on the soccer team at Hofstra University while she was in college. Carolyn's active lifestyle then led her to pursue a career in Physical Education.
Carolyn spent six years as an Elementary Physical Education teacher as well as coached High School Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse coach at a Public School on Long Island. She has spent the last ten years at home caring for her three boys, aged 10,7, and 4.Over the last four years, Carolyn has also worked part-time work as a personal trainer, a Summer Camp Director as well as a Nursery school fitness teacher. Her love and dedication to all animals is what brings Carolyn to our Paws team, and she is so excited to get to spend time with your precious pets. 

 Carolyn lives in New Rochelle with her husband and three boys ages 10, 7 & 4.  Her family currently shares their home with their rescue dog Rosie, a black lab/pitty mix, that they adopted from Louisiana.  Carolyn's weekends are usually filled with sports, family bike rides and hikes with Rosie.

Hayley Freeman

To say that Hayley Freeman lives in a “pet-centric” household would be an understatement! Currently, two dogs, a cat, one corn snake and two leopard geckos are the animal kingdom family members at her home in New Rochelle... At one time, that menagerie also included two rescued red-eared slider turtles, a chinchilla and yet more corn snakes...oh, and let’s not forget the fish! 
When Hayley is not helping to care for dogs and cats for Emster’s Paws, she can be found busy at her jeweler’s bench creating handmade pieces or combing through New York’s diamond district for gems. 
Hayley is delighted to be part of the Emster’s Paws team and nothing puts a bigger smile on her face than spending quality time with animals of all shapes and sizes

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