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Pee, Poop, and Puppies - Potty Training Your Puppy Made Easy

If your cute, adorable new puppy is doing his business wherever he likes, it's time to introduce some time-tested potty training techniques. You'll find a wealth of advice on this subject in books and online.

The following article from the Humane Society, "How to Housetrain Your Dog or Puppy," provides excellent and practical advice you can start doing immediately. The article covers the importance of setting a routine, taking your puppy outside frequently if possible, rewarding your puppy, putting your puppy on a regular feeding schedule, and more. Check it out at the Humane Society.

Cesar Milan also offers several key Do's and Don'ts for housebreaking your new puppy, including the critical aspects of conditioning, setting a routine, when is the best time to take your dog for a walk, and the value of positive reinforcement.

Surprisingly, they also have good advice for house training dogs at WebMD.

I like the WebMD article very much as you'll find:

* When to start training

* Key steps

* Using a crate

* Signs that your puppy needs to go

* Training Setbacks

* Do's and Don’ts

Finally, be sure to check out these tips from the ASPCA. The ASPCA article covers:

* Why housetrained dogs have accidents

* Urine marking

* Separation anxiety

* Submissive and excited urination

* What not to do when traing your dog and much more

The important thing to remember when training your puppy is that every dog is different. With that in mind, you're now armed with a variety of articles and perspectives to get any dog doing their business the right way.

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