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Got Pretty Litter?  Have a Scoop of AWESOME.

If you’ve ever scooped kitty litter the term “fun” isn’t usually what comes to mind. But, thanks to Daniel Rotman, Dr. Geoff DeWire, and Carly Martinetti, scooping kitty litter is now an experience that combines the fun of a treasure hunt with playing in your favorite childhood sandbox. “Pffft, no way!” you must be thinking… But, just check out the PetTalk video on NatGeo Wild and you’ll see what you’re missing: cat litter that changes color.

YES, the litter actually changes colors, and not just for the fun of it.

The different colors in the cat litter will reveal whether or not your cat’s urine has abnormal alkalinity, abnormal acidity, bilirubin, or even blood. So, what is this litter made of? Technically speaking, the litter is made of mineral rich silica gel that responds to the different ‘markers’ for health issues in your cat — but the science doesn’t change the fact that the litter seems like magical crystals.

EmstersPaws discovered Pretty Litter at one of our clients and was impressed by the product. It’s not every day that you see cat litter that changes colors; a pet waste product that is aesthetically pleasing and capable of offering a glimpse into your feline friend’s current state of health.

Novelty aside, in no uncertain terms, Pretty Litter warns owners of potential health problems in your cat before you would normally realize there’s a problem. Since our pets can’t tell us how they’re feeling, being able to have this insight may indeed save your cat’s life. With that in mind, cat owners should visit to see if this product is right for their home.

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