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Dining with Dogs - A Comprehensive Directory for Feeding our Furry Friends

Our dogs are like family, so of course we want them to eat healthy and enjoy their food. But unfortunately, it isn’t always in that order and usually we put too much emphasis on what they’ll enjoy and not enough on what will make them live longer.

While it’s fine for us to snack on all the tasty things that will harm us, our dogs don’t have the luxury of deciding what type of food they use to fuel their body. We know that exercise and nutrition are necessary ingredients to leading a healthy life, so if your dog is getting enough exercise but has health issues, then it’s probably what they’re eating.

With that in mind, we’ve attempted to make this a comprehensive link directory of the best food to feed your dogs. Consider it curated search results regarding the best options for dry food, wet food, people food, specialty food, and treats. As for the debate between dry food and wet food, some brands are better than others. So the real question becomes what’s best for your specific dog? PetMD explores the debate but basically reaffirms the idea that every dog is different.

Regardless of what food you choose, it’s good to understand what goes into your dog’s food. The pets section of WebMD does a good job explaining what to look for.


We like this article on BarkPost because they don’t seem to favor one brand over another, although do seem to have an eye on ingredients and health.

DogFoodAdvisor is the go to source for those looking for options. Here is their list of dry dog food with scores of at least 4 Stars.

They also have a list of the best dry grain free dog foods as well.


DogFoodAdvisor is the ultimate stop for pet nutrition so be sure to check them out to find out all about the best wet dog foods as well as the best wet grain free dog foods.

We also like this article from TopDogTips on the best wet dog food because they explore the pros and cons of each brand, taking multiple things into consideration


When it comes to feeding your dog people food there seems to be an impression that feeding them from the table is just asking for trouble… that you’re spoiling them rotten. While there may be some truth, it isn’t the whole truth, so we recommend three articles that overlap one another to help you cover all the bases.

This article on Cesar’s Way helps cover all the generally acceptable people foods.

IHEARTDOGS also has a list of twelve people foods your pets will love.

Last but not least, we point you to the American Kennel Club for their list of human foods that dogs can and can’t eat.


DogFoodAdvisor again provides awesome information if you’ve got a puppy with special dietary conditions.

However, this list wouldn’t be complete without pointing readers towards

Speaking from personal experience, when my 14 year old dog Tricot was diagnosed with health problems, the veterinarian recommended one of those prescription diet pet foods you can order from the vet. However, upon looking through the ingredients there seemed to be many things that many of us whom try to eat organic wouldn’t consider putting in our own body. Besides the point, Tricot HATED the food.

When we questioned the side effects that the supposedly “healthy” prescription food might cause, the veterinarian recommended BalanceIT as a more labor-intensive alternative.

For those whom are unfamiliar, BalanceIT provides you with recipes designed specifically for your dog. Your veterinarian signs off and forwards relevant information to BalanceIT and they let you know what ingredients you can use — it’s literally a home cooked recipe specific to your dog’s size, weight, and health problem. They sell a vitamin supplement which you can use to make sure your pet it getting what they need — but at least you can rest easy knowing your dog is eating as organic as you.


When it comes to healthy treats, PetMD lets us know that your dog shouldn’t get more than 10% of its daily calories from treats and also points out some useful information about selecting snacks that aren’t bad for their teeth.

IHeartDogs also makes recommendations for seven snacks your dog will love.


When dining with dogs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to your dog’s health and fitness needs. It’s always a balance between what they need in terms of their breed, their age, and their activity level. The short (long) answer is that loving your dog as one of the family and being conscious of their dietary needs will help you avoid problems down the line, and help confront them as they arise.

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