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A Getaway For Your Dogs

We caught up with Kathy, the owner of Birchwood Kennels. We recommend Birchwood Kennels to owners when they're going out of town and looking for a place to keep their dog while they're away. Emily and Kathy had met through a local customer that boards their dog while on vacation. It was a last minute emergency where the customer couldn't get their dog to Kathy. Emily met Kathy at Ward Acres dog park to hand off the dog and they hit it off from there!

It's important to mention that Kathy also offers pick up and delivery from your home. Also, for pet owners that prefer pet sitting to pet boarding, Emster's Paws will do sleep overs at your home, or can be scheduled to make multiple visits to walk your dog and feed your cats while you're away...

But. in some cases pet sitting just isn't possible!

Sometimes you have a puppy that needs constant watching, or a dog that will be motivated to tear up your house in your absence. In short, if you have a dog that typically needs to be crated instead of confined to a kitchen or mud room... boarding your dog is probably the way to go. Kathy reveals though that many dog clients are just for the day.

Kathy has been in business since 1989 and started off as a groomer. She got into the boarding business because her mom was pet sitting at people's homes. They were so successful by referral that aquiring a kennel became a necessity! In addition to dogs, they board cats, rabbits, birds, and beyond. In addition to boarding (with most clients being vacationers) it's good to know that there are day care clients. There are dogs whom have spent anywheres from a single night to 6 months at Birchwood Kennels.

The kennel itself, built in 1960 is climate controlled year round, and complete with fire alarms, CO2 alarms, burglar alarms, and cameras so Kathy can keep an eye on the dogs at all hours. There are also 3 yards (with a 4th in the works) where dogs can run and play. Dogs of like size and temperament go out together, approximately 4 at a time, for supervised play. Outdoor fun starts at 6:30AM and goes into the evening.

As avid lover of dogs, one who does some light training, and has always owned dogs, Kathy also breeds Cavaliers and English Toy Spaniels. Kathy's staff is also full of dog and animal lovers -- some of her employees whom have been with her since they were teenagers.

Kathy and her staff's focus is on comfort, safety, happiness, and cleanliness for the dogs (and other pets) as well as convenience for the customer. Kathy relays that for those looking to make use of boarding services, a few days advance notice is ideal, but last minute accomodations are always welcome!

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