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Backyard Dogs to the Future!

I recently came across this product while surfing around Facebook, and it seems like the future is fast upon us, and it's going to the dogs. Thanks to PetChatz now you can video chat with your dog when you're at work.

If you're worried your dog is home alone and feeling lonely... if you want to make sure your dog is not getting into any mischief while you're away at work or dinner... or, if you just want to say hello to your pet... Petchatz is a new device that lets you not only video chat with your pet, but dispense treats in real time.

Even better, if your dog gets lonely, he or she can call you for a live video chat with PawCall.

Imagine Facetiming or Skyping with your dog. No joke. With Petchatz, you can call and video chat with your pet anywhere, anytime. And since you can even dispense doggie treats during your video chat session, your dog will never send you to voicemail! PetChatz is an HD two-way audio/video device that dispenses treats, scentz and provides motion and noise sensing.

Find out more at PetChatz.

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