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The Naked Dog Truth: Caging or crating your dog? Keep the collar off!

Some wise advice: Accidents happen. When you crate or cage your pet dog, make sure you remove the collar first. Serious accidents, even death, have been reported of caged or crated dogs wearing collars.

A collar, and the many things that are attached to it, such as identification tags, metal dog and rabies licenses, decorative attachments, straps, leashes, rings, and hooks, can get caught in the metal caging leading to dangerous situations for your beloved pet. Your dog will likely panic and try to free itself, jerking about and possibly causing serious harm to itself.

So, keep your dog naked in any wire dog crate or cage, especially if your furry friend is going to be alone for more than a few minutes. In short, cages and collars are a dangerous combination. The only thing to be careful of when making this a new habit is to remember to put your dog's collar back on when releasing them.

A helpful tip is to have a dog drawer or peg on your coat rack for leashes and collars. As with us and our keys, it's often easy to lose track of something that we take for granted; don't let the same thing happen to your dog's collar or leash.

For additional advice, tips, and information about crating your dog and the hazards of dog collars, please check out the following links:

One hazard of a wire dog crate (Source: )

Preventing dog collar accidents (Source:

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