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Ward Acres Dog Park

One of the many joys of owning dog is being able to be part of a select community of people known as "dog owners." Dog owners share a special bond that your average non-pet-owning person misses out on. As for the dog, and it's always about the dog... we need to make sure that they're able to enjoy a sense of community as much as we the owners. Socialized dogs are well adjusted, and well adjusted dogs are happy.

If you sniff around the internet, you'll be able to find some hidden bones about the benefits of socializing your dog. The general consensus seems to be that the best time to socialize your dog is when they're a puppy. But, if you're dog isn't a puppy, don't give up. According to Cesar Milan, you can also socialize adult dogs. Aside from letting your dog meet & greet during walks. You NEED to get your dog to a dog park (or dog run).

And, if you're in New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, or Scarsdale... then Ward Acres Dog Park is the place for you. Ward Acres is right off of Quaker Ridge road and the Leatherstocking Trail runs through it.

At Ward Acres park you have the option to let your dog off leash at Paws Place, although the dog must be leashed upon entering and exiting the park. There are also walking trails where you can jog with your leashed dog. Dogs must be licensed. The fee for New Rochelle residents versus non New Rochelle residents is only slighty different, but for all the socialization your dog gets, it's well worth the fee.

For licensing information about Ward Acres, please visit the New Rochelle Park Permits site here.

For information about Paws Place and Ward Acres rules, please visit the New Rochelle Document center, here.

In a nutshell (or a dog bowl), in order to get your dog a pass to Ward Acres, you need to visit the Parks & Recreation office, bringing your current dog license (for each dog you intend to bring to the park), and your proof of residency (to help determine the fee). Once you've got your license, it can be renewed by mail.

ALSO, please note that if you're dog is licensed we can take them to the park!!

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