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Mobile Vet Squad - The Word on the Street

Meet Dr. Richard Goldstein, celebrating his 5th Anniversary as the pioneer behind the Mobile Vet Squad. He was just featured in the April edition of the Westchester County Business Journal, you can read the repost here. In the meanwhile, we wanted to feature him on the blog giving him a hearty paw or claw of approval (he sees cats as wells as dogs). As we all know, there are some pets that just CAN'T go to the veterinarian. You know, the kind of dog (or cat) that meets you with paws, claws, and teeth even if you spell out the word v-e-t.

In a nutshell (or dog bowl), Dr. Goldstein steps in when your dog is afraid to step out.

But, before we accompany your dog to the vet, let's first follow in Dr. G's footsteps... 5-years ago Dr. Goldstein was a medical director at a small veterinary hospital in upstate New York. Deciding that he wanted to start his own practice he began looking for options of where to set up shop. Unable to find an ideal location, he happened upon an article in a veterinary trade journal about a company that customized RV's as mobile animal hospitals. It was a moment of inspiration as Dr. G thought of all the animals that were too old, too sick, too big, or too afraid to go to the vet.

The Mobile Vet Squad truck was constructed in Ohio. Dr. G relays that he had initially wondered what it would be like to drive something so large. Upon picking up the truck, the builder had said by the time Dr. G drove back to New York he would be an expert. And so it was! Dr. G has stated that it like's driving a large U-Haul.

It was then that Mobile Vet Squad was born. While there are many mobile groomers that bring the salon to you, to date, Dr. G is the only fully equipped Mobile Animal Hospital that literary "delivers" health and wellness to your door.

Dr. Goldstein and his team find one of the advantages of bringing the hospital to your pet is that your furry friend often feels more comfortable. In short, he meets your pet on your pet's home field where they are secure and comfortable. He points out that there are no funny smells or strange noises that can set a nervous dog off. Dr. G relays one anecdote of a client who referred to her dog as a "pirahna." The client had stated that her dog had bitten 7 previous vets. She was shocked when the Mobile Vet Squad was able to go through the entire exam and get its nails trimmed... all without a muzzle!

In Dr. G's own words... "While it's true that we do care for large dogs, like Bernese Mountain dogs and Great Danes, that's not all of our patients. We see dogs and cats of all sizes that are afraid of the car, or afraid to go to the vet, or who are too old or frail to travel. In addition, many of our clients just appreciate the convenience of having us come to them because of their busy schedules, or if they lack transportation."

Dr. G also mentioned that they do regular wellness care and vaccinations which is actually a very large part of what we do.

The Mobile Vet Squad services Southern Westchester (basically, everything below I-287).

Currently, there is only one Mobile Vet Squad truck, but Dr. G noted that it would be excellent to have a fleet in the future.

For people who have never seen or heard of the Mobile Vet Squad, it's important to note that they can do surgery, set a bone, do bloodwork, dental cleanings, x-rays, teeth removal, neutered or spayed, and more... all from the comfort of their mobile animal hospital.

For a complete listing of towns visited and services provided, please visit:

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